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The history of Russian football is available at a new virtual exhibition in the Presidential Library

3 December 2018

The history of Russian football from its origins to the present time is reflected at a virtual tour in the Presidential Library of “More than just a Game: marking FIFA World Cup in Russia” exhibition. Thanks to a new multimedia product, everyone has access to the exposition, which is opened in the building on Senate Square from May 21 to September 26, 2018.

The interactive exhibition is dedicated to the 2018 FIFA World Cup which matches were held in 11 Russian cities, including St. Petersburg. As part of the virtual tour, you can learn more about each of them: this is information about the city, interesting facts about the stadium that hosted the championship matches, the results of these meetings and much more.

A separate section contains the stadium "Saint-Petersburg". The presented materials tell about the design, construction, presentation of a grandiose sports facility, in addition, here you can get familiar with historical photographs of the S. Kirov Stadium, which was previously located at this place.

The exposition “More than just a Game: marking FIFA World Cup in Russia” describes people who formed and developed Russian football. Among them is one of the first coaches, the first referee Georgy Duperron, a participant in besieged matches Viktor Nabutov and others. The rich illustrative material from the Presidential Library’s collections — statutes of sports societies and various documents, literature on sports, press, posters, etc. — gives a visual representation of how football was gradually transformed: the rules changed, as well as the technique of the game, the outfit of athletes, etc.

The exhibition “More than a game: marking the World Cup in Russia” was another exposition that moved from real space to digital. Today the Presidential Library’s provides access to the exhibition “Journey from Petrograd to Moscow. 1918: to the centenary anniversary of the relocation of the Soviet government and the transfer of the capital to Moscow", "North-West Russia: two areas - one story. Marking the 90th anniversary of Leningrad Region and the 80th anniversary of Vologda Region” and “The Rescue Sword of the Revolution”: Security Officer in Life, Film and Literature” dedicated to the centenary anniversary of the formation of the first Soviet state security body, the All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Counter-Revolution and sabotage.

Among other interactive projects of the Presidential Library are excursions in the legendary cruiser Aurora and the State Memorial Museum of the Defense and Siege of Leningrad, the exposition of which was forever dismantled in the spring of 2018 before overhaul and preserved only in virtual space.

Moreover, visitors of the Presidential Library's portal, being anywhere in the world, can walk through the historic building of the Synod, where today a modern multifunctional cultural, educational and research center is housed, can visit the Constitution Hall, get familiar with new materials of the constantly growing interactive exposition telling about revolutionary events in Petrograd.