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Pupils of Shanghai introduced to the Russian cultural traditions

15 May 2019

On May 13, 2019 the Russian Cultural Center hosted a presentation of our country for senior pupils of the Shanghai School of Foreign Languages, who study Russian and plan to continue their studies in Russia after graduation.

Such meetings are traditionally held in the framework of the promotion of the Russian language and culture in China. The staff of the RCC told pupils and their teachers about the establishment of the Russian Cultural Center in Beijing, the main areas of its work, the teaching of the Russian language, the library, circles and creative studios.

In the RCC’s cinema hall, the guests were introduced to modern Russia: they were introduced to state symbols, history, geography and population of the country, outstanding works of Russian culture, traditions and folk crafts. Also, the guys watched a film about the most famous sights of the Russian Federation.

The Presidential Library’s portal features collection “The Russian Language”, dedicated to the Russian language as the state language of the Russian Federation. It includes manuscripts and publications of monuments of Russian literature, archival files, research works, dictionaries and reference books, teaching aids. The digital collection “The Russian Language” is of interest to representatives of the academic and educational community, linguists, specialists in the popularization of the Russian language on the Internet, as well as a wide range of users who love and appreciate their native language. 

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