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UK hosts Russian Film Week

3 December 2019

The UK hosted Russian Film Week. The start of the film festival was given in one of the best cinemas in the country, Odeon Luxe, located in London's famous Leicester Square, a traditional venue for world and European film premieres.

The shows were held at several venues in London, Edinburgh, Cambridge, Oxford. Such actors as Alexander Petrov, Alexander Kuznetsov, Ravshana Kurkova, Gosha Kutsenko, Evgeny Tsyganov, Rinal Mukhametov, Dmitry Dyuzhev, Alyona Mikhailova personally presented their films as well as the directors Alexey Uchitel, Yuri Bykov, Mikhail Idov, Alexander Lungin, Grigory Dobrygin, Maria Agranovich; producers Eduard Pichugin, Ruben Dishdishan and other Russian filmmakers.

Thanks to the film “BEEF: Russian Hip Hop”, the guests of the Week at the Rossotrudnichestvo office were able to get familiar with the full history of hip hop in Russia through the eyes of the most vivid and iconic representatives of the movement. The animated film "Wolves and Sheep: Pig Stroke" for children and families was pleased with the plot and technical excellence. Short films were also shown. Viewers had the opportunity to ask questions to the director of one of the films shown - Sergei Tselikov. He told the story of the creation of his short film Adjika. Extreme Club, about the training system for directors and the production process of short films.

In total, films such as The Brotherhood by Pavel Lungin, Saber Dance by Yusup Razykov, Zavod by Yuri Bykov, Let's Divorce by Anna Parmas, “Lenin. Inevitability” by Vladimir Khotinenko and others were shown at the Russian Film Week, which was held for the fourth time in the UK. The British premiere of Fyodor Popov’s film “The Corridor of Immortality” on the construction of a railway line in besieged Leningrad during the Great Patriotic War took place.

The founder and general producer of the Russian Film Week, Philip Perkon, noted that interest in the festival was growing every year. “This year we received more than 340 applications for participation in the Russian Film Week. We believe in our mission - through cinema, to strengthen the cultural bridges between Russia and Europe and tell foreigners as much as possible about Russian art. And judging by the fact that more and more spectators come to the festival every year, we successfully complete this mission”, - he said.

In parallel with film screenings, creative meetings, lectures, public discussions and master classes by leading Russian filmmakers took place.

The Presidential Library’s collections include a special collection, dedicated to the Year of Cinema in Russia (2016). It included official documents, studies, visual materials (posters, postcards, etc.) that spotlight various aspects of the development of national cinema from the beginning of the 20th century, as well as dedicated to individual films and actors of Russian and Soviet cinema. In addition, the institution’s portal presents the first feature films created in the Russian Empire, and modern documentaries of various subjects.

On the official page of the Presidential Library, only part of the materials of the electronic collections of the largest digital repository is available. The library’s information resources are available at the remote access centers in different countries of the world, one of which has been opened at the RCSC in London since 2012.


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