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Lecture "Russian contribution to Vienna" held at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Austria

13 February 2020

On February 11, 2020 a well-known translator, journalist Elizabeth Heres delivered a lecture at the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Vienna on how historical relations between Russia and Austria, spotlighting a variety of areas: culture, education, science, politics were developed.

The lecturer talked about how Tsar Peter I visited Vienna in 1698 with the Great Embassy. His initial meeting with Emperor Leopold I took place in the Villa Favorita suburban palace, which was rebuilt and now looks somewhat modified. It is noteworthy that the RCSC building is located nearby.

Listeners learned about our compatriots who had been in Vienna for some time — these were Anton Pavlovich Chekhov and Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, later Lev Trotsky and Joseph Stalin.

The report of Elizabeth Heres attracted the attention of a fairly wide audience: among those present were representatives of the scientific community and cultural figures. The information sounded became interesting in the context of the growing cross-year of the Year of Literature and Theater of Russia - Austria.

Everyone can get familiar with the history of relations between the two countries using the materials from the special collection of the Presidential Library. It includes official documents, archival materials and studies highlighting diplomatic, military, cultural and economic ties between Austria and Russia in different historical periods, starting from the 17th century. A remote electronic reading room of the Presidential Library has been opened in Vienna.


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