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Cultural and educational project “Days of Science in Belinka” available on the Presidential Library’s portal

17 February 2020

As part of the cultural and educational project "Days of Science in Belinka" with elements of inclusion, which is implemented by the Belinsky Sverdlovsk Regional Universal Research Library, the Presidential Library’s portal in "Live broadcasts" section will broadcast lectures by teachers of higher educational institutions of Yekaterinburg, scientists of the Ural branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences:

  • February 14 at 16:00 (Moscow time) - lecture “Astronomy vs Astrology”, delivered by Pavel Skripnichenko, an employee of the Department of Astronomy, Geodesy and Environmental Monitoring of the Institute of Natural Sciences and Mathematics of the Ural Federal University;
  • February 18 at 16:00 (Moscow time) - lecture “The history of Discovery and Research of Antarctica”, delivered by Natalia Skok, Ph.D. (Geography), associate professor of the Department of Geography, Methods of Geographical Education and Tourism of the Ural Federal University;
  • March 5 at 16:00 (Moscow time) - lecture "Myths about the separate collection and recycling, or how to throw out 1 kg of garbage per month" delivered by Natalia Andrusevich, a public figure, environmental practitioner.

The “Days of Science in Belinka” project with inclusion elements participates in the “Accessible Environment” program and includes an exhibition and a series of popular science lectures, reflects the state of modern Russian science.