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The Presidential Library marking Youth Day

27 June 2020

June 27, 2020 Russia celebrates Youth Day. The holiday was first celebrated in the USSR in 1958. Since then it has become traditional.

Being the largest multifunctional information, scientific, educational and cultural center, the Presidential Library pays much attention to work with youth. Interesting and informative online projects on the library’s portal provide valuable knowledge in the most convenient and interesting formats.

Exciting multimedia lessons are available for schoolchildren and students. During the classes that have traditionally been held in the Presidential Library since 2013, children have the opportunity to work with electronic collections of the library, learn about rare historical documents of various eras, examine scientific literature, and undergo online testing to verify their knowledge. The institution’s portal offers multimedia lessons on the Constitution, electoral systems that existed in Russia, Russian history in the works of Russian writers and many others.

The history, theory and practice of Russian statehood in an accessible form are presented in the informational and educational project “Gosudarika”, which consists of seven main sections: “Presidential Chronicle”, “State Symbols”, “Constitution of Russia”, “State Authority”, “Russian People”, "Territory of Russia", "Russian language". The main goal of this project is to show the young generation unique documents and materials on the history of our country. 

All pupils have the opportunity to participate in projects and contests organized by the Presidential Library. Schoolchildren can try their hand at the Olympiad "Russia in the Electronic World", the winners and prize-awardees of which receive the opportunity of preferential admission to higher educational institutions of Russia. The interactive Olympiad is a large-scale educational project implemented by the Presidential Library since 2010, which involved more than 45 thousand pupils of 10–11 grades. The guys test their knowledge of history, social studies, the Russian language and the Russian language as a foreign language. This fourth discipline, designed for foreign citizens over 14 years of age studying Russian, was introduced in 2019, in the year of the jubilee tenth Olympiad “Russia in the Electronic World”.

Last year a contest of term papers, diplomas, studies and other projects was launched for students. The main condition for participation in the contest is the mandatory use of the resources of the Presidential Library, which collection includes numerous book publications, archive documents, periodicals, photo, audio, video and other materials in various disciplines, including Russian history, jurisprudence, Russian language, geography, art criticism, etc. University students can send their creative work, regardless of citizenship, place of residence and study, course of study and educational program.  

The section “Video lectures” on the Presidential Library’s portal provides recordings of speeches by authoritative experts from scientific and educational institutions of Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities of Russia. The topics of the video lectures spotlight the main directions of the formation of the Presidential Library’s collections: the history of the Russian state and law, Russian as the state language of the Russian Federation. 

Records of multimedia master classes on humanitarian subjects held in the Presidential Library for students of secondary schools, gymnasiums and lyceums are available in the “Video Lecture to School” section.

A variety of virtual tours will allow all young people to remotely visit the historical places of Russia, see its museums and cultural monuments. For example, one can walk through the historic building of the Synod, where the Presidential Library is housed today, without leaving home, to visit the legendary cruiser “Aurora”, the State Memorial Museum of Defence and Siege of Leningrad, the museum “Kobona: The Road of Life”, the museum “And the Muses Were Not Silent...”, and even visit the House-Museum of the famous writer and journalist in Crimea Yulian Semyonov.

Formation of a civil position among young people, fostering respect for the history of Russia and its modernity, love for one’s country is one of the most important priorities of the Presidential Library and this work, aimed at enlightening and patriotic education of the young generation, will be continued in new projects and events.