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Historical calendars of the Presidential Library: from the era of Alexander Nevsky to the space flight

17 January 2021

Key milestones of 2021 are spotlighted in a series of calendars issued by the Presidential Library. The publications are publicly available on the institution's portal.  

Thus, the full-length historical calendar The Age of Alexander Nevsky: Marking the 800th Anniversary of the Birth of the Grand Prince is dedicated to one of the most revered heroes of Russian history, canonized by the Russian Orthodox Church in 1547.  

In addition to the biography and deeds of the saintly faithful, set out in the preface, the main milestones of the era of Alexander Yaroslavovich are the election to reign, the victory over the Swedes, for which, it is believed, the prince began to be called Nevsky, the defeat of the German knights on the ice of Lake Peipus (the famous Battle of the Ice) and others, are illustrated with graphic materials from the second issue of the album of visual aids on the history of the USSR Feudal Principalities of the 11th-15th centuries and the Struggle for the Creation of the Russian State, posted on the Presidential Library’s portal.

Detailed information about the Grand Duke who did not lose a single battle is also presented in the electronic collection of the Presidential Library Alexander Nevsky (1221-1263), containing research by scientists and theologians, essays and visual materials.

In 2021, another significant date - April 12, 1961 - will be celebrated. This is the first man's exit from the earth's atmosphere into open space. This event is dedicated to the desk calendar Dreams of Space: Marking the 60th Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's Flight, prepared by the Presidential Library.

In the design of the calendar, an original solution was used as it is illustrated with drawings from the fantastic essay by Konstantin Tsiolkovsky The Heaviness Disappeared (1933), from the book of Professor Nikolai Rynin Interplanetary Communications: Spaceships (Interplanetary Messages in the Fantasies of Novelists (1928) and other publications which are available on the Presidential Library’s portal. It is noteworthy that if the first winter month of 2021 is accompanied by a "caricature of the inhabitant of the Moon" which is perplexed at the sight of a person, then the calendar ends with a drawing of the friendly "Buffke family on the planetoid", who decided to spend the summer instead of giving a summer residence somewhere between Mars and Jupiter.

Those who are fond of space exploration will certainly be interested in the materials of the electronic collection of the Presidential Library Outer Space which includes fragments of newsreels, periodicals, books, postcards, commemorative medals and badges reflecting various milestones in the development of astronautics.

By 2021, a promising wall calendar The Architectural Ensemble of the Senate and the Synod: the Past and the Present was also prepared. It is adorned with a photograph of the historic building at Senate Square, 3 which today houses the Presidential Library.

The publication of historical calendars is a project that has become a tradition for the institution. Wall and flip-flops, perspective and pocket - these calendars spotlight significant events in Russian history (the birth of Russian statehood, overcoming the Time of Troubles, the Great Patriotic War of 1812, the Year of the 75th anniversary of the Great Victory, etc.) thematic materials ("Territories of Russia", "Russian inventors", "Frescoes of Russia"), as well as the activities of the Presidential Library as a modern cultural and educational, scientific and information-analytical center. The electronic copies of publications are available on the institution's portal under the heading Calendars.