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Online meeting with the participants of the expedition "On the way of Russian seafarers around the world" held in Argentina

9 June 2021

A meeting with the participants of the international project "On the way of Russian seafarers around the world" was held on the Facebook official page of the Russian House in Buenos Aires.

The leader of the expedition, an outstanding traveler of Russia, the first deputy chairman of the Tomsk branch of the Russian Geographical Society, Yevgeny Kovalevsky, and the chief of staff, member of the Federal Commission of the Russian Geographical Society for the development of tourism, Yulia Kalyuzhnaya, spoke about the plans of the expedition on a frame-inflatable sailing catamaran, which will start on July 1, 2021 from St. Petersburg. In two years, following the routes of the first Russian round-the-world navigators: I. F. Krusenstern, F. P. Litke and others, the ship will cross the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans.

The Presidential Library’s portal in the collection Russian voyages around the world of the first half of the 19th century features publications that spotlight the contribution of Ivan Krusenstern to the history of Russian navigation. Among the valuable materials is a detailed report of the head of the first Russian round-the-world expedition Travel around the world in 1803, 4, 5 and 1806 on the ships Nadezhda and Neva. In addition, the portal features the book by Alexei Krusenstern, a descendant of the famous Russian navigator, Russian around the world travel. From Krusenstern to Sedov. The author tells about the 200-year history of Russian voyages around the world, starting with the expedition of Ivan Krusenstern and ending with the voyage of the Sedov barque in 2012–2013. The book also reflects the world and Russian experience of sailing before the Krusenstern expedition. Thanks to the illustrations, it is possible to compare the picture of the world that opens up to seafarers 200 years ago and now.

Some of the materials from the electronic collections of the Presidential Library are available on the Internet portal and at the remote access centers located in many countries of the world.


Based on the materials of portal.