Electronic collections and virtual projects of the Presidential Library available for schoolchildren

25 September 2022

The Presidential Library’s electronic collections contain hundreds of thousands of digitized copies of rare archival documents that spotlight the history of our country and constituting its cultural heritage. Among them - a large number of materials that will be of interest not only to adults, experienced users, but also to the younger generation. A significant part of these documents is available on the Presidential Library’s portal. The guys have opportunity to explore thematic collections that tell about space, sport, cinema, the Olympic Games, world travels, inventions. Reading rare editions of classical works by Fyodor Dostoevsky, Ivan Turgenev, Anton Chekhov, Alexander Griboyedov and other writers will expand horizons and show off the knowledge at school. Fans of non-fiction literature may be interested in such books as, for example, Interplanetary Travel (1935), which spotlights space flight.

The library’s portal contains a collections of children's and youth magazines Kostyor, Pioneer and Murzilka for 1930-1947. It will be of interest for young researchers to compare their content with the content of modern publications. The guys will find out what their peers dreamed about and what their peers aspired to in the middle of the 20th century, what they were fond of and who Soviet schoolchildren wanted to become. In addition, magazines offer hundreds of practical tips on what to do in a spare time. For example, the magazine Murzilka teaches how to make a ship with a clockwork mechanism, make a filmoscope, create unusual crafts from unnecessary things, and even develop the abilities of a scout. The magazine Kostyor of 1937 contains an entertaining article that tells how to properly educate and train a dog. In the "Radio Camp" section of the Pioneer magazine of 1930, one has an opportunity to read a curious description of the antenna for radio in field conditions.

The library also implements educational and outreach projects for children and youth. So, as part of exciting multimedia lessons on the Presidential Library’s portal, children have an opportunity to examine rare documents from different eras and even take online tests. It will be of interest to them to leaf through the textbooks used by schoolchildren during the times of the Russian Empire and the USSR, to see rare editions of various dictionaries, collections of proverbs, collections of "winged" or "accurate and walking" words.

Walk around the historic building of the Synod, which houses the Presidential Library today, visit the legendary cruiser Aurora, take a look at the panorama of Moscow in the 19th century, find out which books made up the library of Peter I - all this is now possible to do from anywhere in the world thanks to the institution's portal.

The library also offers young readers a collection of interesting audiovisual materials - films, multimedia projects and video lectures. This section provides educational content that will be a great addition to the school curriculum, as well as materials for viewing at a leisure. For example, children have opportunity to learn what football freestyle is, or listen to Pushkin's The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish with his comments read by a historian.

For the attention of schoolchildren, there is another project on the Presidential Library’s portal – On This Day. It focuses on the most striking and significant events that took place in different years. Due to the fact that the project materials are presented in a simple and accessible form, On This Day will be interesting to read at leisure. In addition, the information that the project can always be useful in studies and especially when preparing reports.

The Presidential Library regularly holds contests and Olympiads for schoolchildren and students of institutions of secondary vocational education in history, social science and the Russian language. More details on how to join the Olympiad is available on the library’s portal in the section Russia in the Electronic World Olympiad. Today, entries are being accepted for the essay contest My Peter I organized jointly with the Kostyor magazine.

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