The Presidential Library holds a contest for students

22 April 2024

From March 7 to June 30, 2024, the Presidential Library accepts coursework, final qualifying papers, articles, reports and other research materials for the students' work contest.

Students studying at universities in the Russian Federation and foreign countries can participate in the contest regardless of citizenship, place of residence and study, course of study, educational program of higher education.

The main goal of the contest is to disseminate reliable knowledge about Russia and create conditions for the development of creative abilities of university students. The objectives of the contest are to attract students’ attention to the history of Russian statehood, culture and the Russian language, and to develop students’ skills in conducting scientific research using archival documents and other materials from the electronic collections of the Presidential Library.

The main condition for participation in the contest is the mandatory use of at least three sources from the electronic collection of the Presidential Library, numbering more than a million depository items. The collections digitally present books and periodicals, newsreels, photographs, scientific and educational films, abstracts of dissertations, archival documents, audio and video materials on the history of Russia, as well as on various disciplines, including law, Russian language, geography, art history and many other areas.

Contest works will be evaluated by a jury in the following categories: “Best course work using the electronic collections of the Presidential Library”; “The best final qualifying / diploma work using the electronic collections of the Presidential Library”; “The best research work using the electronic collections of the Presidential Library”.

Contest participants can submit no more than one work in Russian in each category.

The contest is held in three stages.

Stage 1 – registration of participants and acceptance of works in electronic form.

Stage 2 – evaluation of the participants’ work and summing up the results of the competition.

Stage 3 – awarding the winners of the competition.

Information about the results of the first stage of the contest (with a list of all participants) will be posted on the Presidential Library's portal in July 2024.

The second stage of the contest runs until September 30, 2024. During this period, the works will be assessed and the results of the contest will be summed up - the winners will be determined for each category.

The third stage - awarding the winners of the contest - will take place in November 2024 at the Presidential Library.

To participate in the contest one must fill out an electronic form on the Presidential Library's portal. The terms and conditions of the contest are available here. For additional information please contact us by email: