Presidential Library and MGIMO shared goals and objectives in preserving historical memory.

20 June 2024

On June 20th, 2024, the Presidential Library of the Administrative Directorate of the President of the Russian Federation participated in the final pedagogical conference of Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia. The event was held at the Reserve Center of the Presidential Library in Moscow.

The conference summarized the results of MGIMO's work in general education for the year, and a new joint educational project was presented - a series of video tutorials on the topic of Second World War prepared by teachers from the Gorchakov Lyceum and library staff of MGIMO.

Video tutorials about the Second World War cover the events of 1933-1945 and feature materials from the collection of documents World War II in Archival Documents, which is being compiled by the Presidential Library in collaboration with the Federal Archival Agency. Thanks to the internet links (QR codes) included in the video tutorials, viewers can easily access historical documents stored in the collection of the Presidential Library. The institution's foundation is based on reliable historical sources and currently contains more than a million depository items.

As Yuri Nosov, the Director General of the Presidential Library, has noted, "we have common goals with MGIMO to preserve historical memory, educate young people in patriotism, and combat attempts to falsify history."

The two organizations are strategic partners, and last year they signed a cooperation agreement. An electronic reading room has been opened based on the Gorchakov Lyceum of MGIMO, giving students and teachers full access to the resources of the Presidential Library. They can participate in conferences, watch video lectures, and attend other library events. The historical ball of the Gorchakov Lyceum is now a tradition that takes place at the Presidential Library each year.