Photo album of winners of the Foreign View photo contest published on the Presidential Library’s web site

28 January 2013

According to the results of the III Annual International Photo Contest of the Presidential Library, «Foreign View» the Presidential Library has presented a photo album including the works of the 2012 winners and the best photographs of the last two years.

The electronic version of the photo album that can be viewed in 3D-format has been posted on the library’s web site under "Publications - Printing products."

"In today's world photography is a document that allows people to preserve their fleeting impressions, share them with others, and thus to better understand each other. Today, everyone has an opportunity to take a picture by his digital camera that would attract the attention of many ", emphasized in his address in the photo album’s preface Director General of the Presidential Library, Alexander Vershinin. The St. Petersburg State University has been involved in the organization of the contest since its very beginning. The chancellor Nikolai Kropachev in his welcoming address said: In 2012 the «Foreign view» coincided with the cross Year of Germany in Russia and Russia in Germany. More than 400 works represent the category covering this important event. The best of them were presented to the participants of the XII Forum "Petersburger Dialogue". I am convinced that the future of our competition is predetermined by growing importance of Russia on the international stage."

The third photo contest was held from June 14 to November 1, 2012 under the theme "State yesterday, today, tomorrow." It included over 450 participants from 33 countries of all the continents. The age of the contestants varied from 7 to 80. The jury considered more than 4000 photos, from which the best ones were selected.

The names of the winners and the photographs are available at the photo contest web site: The library’s web site is also featuring a news video, made in accordance to the results of the awards ceremony for the photo contest winners.

The next, fourth photo contest of the Presidential Library «Foreign View» will begin in June 2013.