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Teachers from the Leningrad Region examined an open lesson of literature

16 February 2015

Heads of educational departments of the Leningrad Region were told about the methodology of educational programs of the Presidential Library, when they attended an open multimedia lesson of literature.

The lesson was developed during the Year of Literature in Russia and includes complex program. The unusual lesson began with a visit to the exhibition, "Fact and Image: history of Russia in the works of Russian literature of the 18th – 20th centuries," which tells about the relationship of historical facts and literary images in the works of Russian writers. Next, the guests were invited to the electronic reading room, where students usually implement their creative tasks: prepare a presentation on a particular topic using the materials from the collections of the Presidential Library. In the multimedia hall participants have the opportunity to discuss and choose the best of them by means of the electronic voting system and save the materials for future use.

"The lesson was wonderful, harmoniously combining traditions and innovations. All structures of the lesson were sustained, activity approach was best applied: children participated in the event not as spectators, but as creators of presentations on the theme of relationship between history and literature, revealed themselves as creative persons, full participants in the learning process," said the head of methodology, Education Department, Lodeinoye Pole municipal district, Victoria Konyayeva.

Chairman of the Education Committee, Vsevolozhsk district administration, Alexander Morzhinsky said that "today's youth appreciates this kind of knowledge presentation, because our young people are "advanced" in terms of information and love everything connected with interactivity. The Palace of Children and Youth Creativity in Vsevolozhsk houses a virtual Russian Museum, so students already have the basic skills of interaction with electronic equipment."

The exhibition and the lesson represent a joint project and the library is already experienced in such activities. Multimedia lessons including a visit to the exhibition timed to the 20th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation were held in 2013/2014 academic year. In 2015, both high school students and students of vocational schools and colleges are expected to take an active part in lessons. They are going to come into contact with the documents and materials on the history and Russian statehood through the prism of Russian literature.

It was agreed not only to further develop the content, but also to expand the coverage area of multimedia lessons. It is planned to hold such lessons remotely in various cities of Russia through a network of remote electronic reading rooms and regional centers of the Presidential Library. To date, more than 120 of them are open in 64 regions of the Russian Federation.