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Digital Collection on the Great Victory was presented within an interactive lesson in the Presidential Library

6 May 2016

An interactive Victory lesson for high school students, on which the electronic collection of the Presidential Library's entitled "The Memory of the Great Victory" was presented, took place at the Presidential Library on May 6, 2016.

As part of the interactive lesson prepared by the Presidential Library in collaboration with the St. Petersburg State University the "Victory is One for All" video was shown. The video is in open access in the Presidential Library’s website. This film tells about an invaluable contribution to the victory of all sixteen socialist republics, while a part of the USSR, during a collective struggle the peoples of these against fascism. The film demonstrates the photographs of the monuments, military graveyards, memorials, dedicated to the Victory obelisks along with the newsreels.

Also, the “365 Days TV” Russian History Channel’s documentaries are available in the open access within the "The Memory of the Great Victory" collection of the Presidential Library.

Among them, the "Il-2. Flying Tank" movie, telling about the famous Soviet attack aircraft of World War II, created in OKB-240 under the leadership of Sergei Ilyushin. The peculiarity of this aircraft is in an armor gear in the power circuit of the airframe. Thanks to this, attack aircraft could withstand powerful shelling from the ground, while at low altitude. In addition, Soviet designers first applied a transparent bulletproof glass. Series production began in February 1941. IL-2 took part in the battles of all the theaters of military operations during World War II. "Flying Tank" was performing almost any task - it was used as an attack aircraft, and as a short-range bomber, and as a scout, and in special situations, and as a fighter. Besides, on open access at the Presidential Library’s website are the videos about BM-13 rocket artillery fighting-fit truck, known as "katyusha", the T-34 tank and many others.

Another documentary entitled "The Defense of Moscow", which was recently added to the Presidential Library stock too, tells about a defense of the capital, which has begun on September 30, 1941. The authors of the film introduce viewers to the main landmarks of the city's defense, showing newsreels and shaping a story basing on interviews with veterans and experts of history. The movie tells about the heroic actions of the soldiers and members of the Moscow underground. The film "The Battle of Voronezh" tells the story of the city of Voronezh in the Great Patriotic War and the battles in the surrounding it area.

A series of "The Heroes of Victory" documentary movies has become one of the last additions into the Presidential Library stock. Besides the famous generals this video tells about the little-known heroes of the Great Patriotic War. Yakov Pavlov, whose contribution to the defense of an apartment building in the center of Stalingrad made history, became a hero of one of the pieces. A detachment of fighters withheld the building, which everyone knew as "Pavlov's House", for 58 days. Part of the documentary series devoted to "Night Witches" stories, which served in the 46th Taman, Red Banner, Guards Night Bomber Regiment.

Today, the "Victory" collection of the Presidential Library has more than 22 thousand of rare and unique materials related to the war of 1941-1945. The collection includes official documents, photographs and newsreels, wartime newspapers, books, propaganda pamphlets, the evidences of participants of the battles and home front workers, their personal documents, the images of military and labor awards, monuments and memorials, and the feedbacks to war experience from the grandchildren and the great grandchildren of veterans.