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Seminar of the Presidential Library on the Knigabyte to teach librarians and users a right way of searching for correct query

4 September 2017

On September 6, 2017, within the business program of the KNIGABAIT section of the 30th Moscow International Book Fair, the Presidential Library will lead a training seminar for a community of library professionals “Search strategies for working with the Presidential Library digital stock.”

Deputy head of the User Service Department at the Presidential Library Maria Bystrova will appear in the KNIGABAIT lecture hall with a speech on this, more than relevant for librarians and electronic library users, issue, simultaneously revealing the specifics and possibilities of one of the most up-to-date media libraries. Currently, the Presidential Library stock numbers more than 550,000 entries, only 30% of which are available on library website, while the remaining 70% are amassed in its electronic fund. The lecture will be accompanied by a spectacular presentation on a plasma screen, in which, for example, the above ratio of figures is visualized as an iceberg, the only 30% white tip of which is visible from blue waters.

Narrowly focusing for area specialists on the topic of searching for the requested by the library visitors materials, the expert of the Presidential Library will draw their attention to the specifics of simple and advanced searches, correct work with which lets to speed up the work. In the course of lecture it will be shown how fast the search technologies change: if the issue of relevance — a ratio of the amount of useful information to the total volume of received information — just recently was particularly sensitive, then today it has faded into insignificance. Audience will learn the principles of search query building, the techniques of simplifying and speeding up a search for necessary documents. And all this is based on the example of working with the Presidential Library digital stock.

The lecture-presentation will move over to the master class of Maria Bystrova, during which librarians will learn to use the additional tools of the electronic reading room of the Presidential Library. They will get a chance to “upgrade” their skills in a temporary electronic reading room, which the Presidential Library opened specifically for participants and visitors of the book fair. Everyone can get quick access to the entire fund of the Presidential Library, among the unique materials of which there are the digital copies of postcards with pre-revolutionary Russia views, diaries of members of the imperial family, newsreels of the events of the Great Patriotic War and much more.

Within the course of the lecture, there will be a contest for the most informative and interesting question based on the results of the seminar. A winner will be awarded a special prize.

It seems that apart from specialists, who are directly involved in assisting users of the remote electronic reading rooms of the Presidential Library, the seminar also will be of interest of those who plan to open such services on the basis of their library or is up to use the electronic resources.

In addition, the exhibition-fair will feature some documentaries released by the Presidential Library’s own film production studios, as well as the presentation telling “How to enter the top ten marketing projects of the world?”

The event will be held in the Pavilion 75 of the Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy (VDNKh) at 1 pm on September 6.