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The Presidential Library opens new reading rooms in Tyumen Oblast

14 August 2017

New remote centers of access to the resources of the Presidential Library in the Tyumen Oblast are scheduled for opening in September 2017: on the basis of Omutinskoye Public School № 2 (Omutinskoye village), Tyumen Juvenile Correctional Facility (Vinzily village), Sladkovo Public School (village of Sladkovo). In addition, the Presidential Library in September will traditionally take part in the “Information Technologies of the Tyumen Region 2017” (“INFOTECH-2017”) exhibition, which will be held within the framework of the 10th “Electronic Government — the Contemporary Mechanism for Management of the Region” All-Russian Forum. This event is an effective platform for the exchange with experiences of federal and regional IT projects, an interaction of regions and IT companies for popularization of the most successful practices in the field of information technologies, including a process of relocation of state and municipal services into electronic format.

The Presidential Library has the strong partnership relations with the region, which on August 14, 2017, marks the 73rd anniversary of its foundation. Governor of the Tyumen region Vladimir Yakushev in 2009 was a member of the working group on the creation of the Presidential Library and its first and currently the only branch in Tyumen. The opening of the branch took place in 2011 on the basis of the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after D. I. Mendeleev.

Close cooperation of the Presidential Library and the Tyumen Region is also developing in the field of preservation and enhancing national historical and cultural heritage. More than three and a half thousand electronic copies of documents from the State Archives of the Tyumen Oblast and the Tobolsk Archives were handed to the Presidential Library.

Mutual cooperation is developing in other areas. Students of the region annually take an active part in the “Russia in the Electronic World” Olympiad of the Presidential Library and traditionally receive the awards. The Olympiad is being annually held for high school, lyceum and university-preparatory school students from September to March and includes three stages, two of which are remote. Winners and awardees of the Olympiad gain privileges on admission in higher educational institutions of Russia.

Last year, an information and educational center, integrating all the media in the Tyumen Oblast was opened. It linked the press, society and government, serving as a platform for presentations and discussions of social, research, cultural, scientific and outreach projects. The Center operates on the basis of the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library named after D. I. Mendeleev according to the cooperation agreement between the Presidential Library and the Government of the Tyumen Oblast signed on May 23, 2011.