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The resources, opportunities and the projects of the Presidential Library are broadly introduced at the “INFOTECH-2017” exhibition

13 September 2017

The anniversary “Electronic government — a modern mechanism for the regional management” 10th All-Russian Forum and “The information Technologies of the Tyumen Oblast” “INFOTECH-2017” exhibition are taking place in Tyumen on September 13-15, 2017. The main theme of the event is the issues of providing local residents with effective services in electronic format, as well as a consideration of successful experiences of application the information technologies in various areas of work.

At the IT forum the Presidential Library is represented by the Tyumen Branch at the stand of its strategic partner — Zavodoukovsky City District of the Tyumen Oblast. It is in this municipality where information technologies are widely applied, along with the resources of the Presidential Library in the educational and upbringing processes, socially significant projects are being carried out jointly with the Tyumen Branch, the largest in the country network of the remote electronic reading rooms of the Presidential Library and the competence center are successfully functioning.

The Presidential Library is developing active cooperation with municipal entities of the Tyumen Oblast. One of the classrooms of the High School № 4 of the city of Yalutorovsk, which is also offering an access to the resources of the Presidential Library, could be virtually 3D toured right from one of the largest stands of the “INFOTECH-2017” exhibition.

Guests of the stand of the Presidential Library are offered to receive detailed information about an access to the library website and the electronic reading room, to learn about scientific, educational, cultural and outreach activities. On the stand of the Presidential Library is possible to see in real time mode the competitions of school students on information security, taking place at the premises of the Tyumen State University and the Tyumen Regional Scientific Library. Launching the remote electronic reading room of the Presidential Library in the Tyumen Regional State Institute for the Development of Regional Education is being aired online as well at the stand on September 13, 2017.

One of the main events of the “Electronic government — a modern mechanism for the regional management” X All-Russian Forum is a meeting of the partners of the Presidential Library in the Ural Federal District, in which representatives of the administration, the institutions of education and culture are participating. The participants of the meeting are invited to learn how the joint projects of the Presidential Library and the Tyumen Oblast are being implemented, how the cooperation in certain municipal entities as well as in the fields of interdepartmental interaction, professional development of teaching staff and faculties, cultural initiatives and much more are going on.

“Participation in “INFOTECH-2017” for the Tyumen Branch of the Presidential Library has already become traditional and proves its experience and competence, — General Director of the Presidential Library Alexander Vershinin said. — The branch is a pilot project of the Presidential Library, which is the first one and suggestive in shaping and development of the interregional and interdepartmental network.”

Since 2016, the remote access centers of the Presidential Library's (today there are about 400 of them) are operating in all 85 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Another 32 external access centers abroad are located on the Russian centers of science and culture, as well as in other institutions in 26 countries. The information and educational centers, the first of which is launched in Tyumen, are being organized for a broader presentation of the scientific, educational, outreach and awareness raising projects and campaigns.