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The Constitution Hall of the Presidential Library is opened for a virtual visit

1 July 2020

To visit the Constitution Hall in the Presidential Library is now possible from any point in the world. This was made possible by the 3D tour, which is presented in the Electronic Museum of the Constitutional History of Russia.

The new multimedia product not only allows you to get familiar with the interior of one of the most beautiful halls of the historic building of the Holy Synod, but also to study the permanent exposition placed in it.

It should be emphasized that the virtual tour expands the possibilities of the visitor to the portal of the Presidential Library: in the digital space, you can familiarize yourself with the document or the publication in full, whereas in reality only a few pages can be accessed for viewing.

The Constitution Hall is the exhibition hall of the Presidential Library with a permanent exposition dedicated to the Constitutions of Russia of the XX century. Documents, photographs, newsreels are devoted to the "Basic State Laws" of the Russian Empire, the Constitution of the Russian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic of 1918, the Constitutions of the USSR in 1924, 1936 and 1977. The stages of the creation and adoption of the Constitution of the Russian Federation in 1993 are presented. In the hall there is a special exhibit - the only copy of the inaugural copy of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, presented by President Dmitry Medvedev on the opening day of the Presidential Library on May 27, 2009.

The visitor of the virtual exhibition can get familiar with digital copies of documents with the notes of the highest official of the country, video clips about the inauguration ceremonies of the President of the Russian Federation of different years, as well as digitized subscription lists that the heads of state filled after taking the oath.