Strategic modeling of regional drug policy in health-care reform


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Shukil, Lyudmila (Doctor of Pharmacy).Strategic modeling of regional drug policy in health system reform: (on an example of Omsk region): dissertation thesis for the degree of doctor of pharmaceutical sciences: specialty 14.04.03 / Shukil Lyudmila;[Ohm.state.honey.Univ].- Moscow, 2018. -47 p.: Diagram, Table..;21 cm .. -Protection Location: Ros.Univ of Peoples' Friendship.- List of works with authors .:.42-47 (57 references.).- English.lang .. - On the manuscript..1. People (collection).2. Omsk region: pages of history (collection).3. The territory of the Russian Omsk Region (collection).4. The organization of pharmaceutical business.5. Health - Omsk region - Abstracts of dissertations.6. Drug Assistance - West Siberia - Abstracts of dissertations.BBK 51.1 (2Ros-4Oms) 26g.ya031electronic copy Source: People's Friendship University.Website
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