Local fuel in Western Siberia


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Local fuel in Western Siberia (Novosibirsk Region, the Omsk Region and Altai Territory): [collection of articles] / Novosibirsk Regional Planning Commission, West Siberian geological control;[Edited by: I. Zvonaryova (Ed..) And others].. - Tomsk publication West Siberian geological control 1940. -390 to [15] inc.l.yl., Card.: Cards.;21 cm. -Without a cover sheet and cover.Title given to the 1st c.text.Author Set at the end of the text.The bibliography at the end of articles, and in the footnotes..Zvonaryova I., J. H .. II.Novosibirsk Regional Planning Commission.III.West Siberian geological upravlenie.1.The area (collection).2. Omsk region: pages of history (collection).3. The territory of the Russian Omsk Region (collection).4. The petroleum industry - Western Siberia.5. Coal industry - Western Siberia.BBK 65.03 (253.3)BBK 63.3 (253.3) -2BBK 65.305.143.2gelectronic copy Source: Omsk GongbeiThe storage location of the original: Omsk Gongbei
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