The coat of arms of Moscow Region

Coat Moscow Region [Izomaterial] Figure.- 2005 -1 sheet: col .. - (The state symbols of the Russian Federation).-The coat of arms of Moscow region established by the Law of the Moscow Region on July 15, 2005 number 183/2005-OZ "On the emblem of the Moscow region".The coat of arms of Moscow Region is the official symbol of the state - the administrative status of the Moscow region as a full subject of the Russian Federation.The heraldic description of the full coat of arms of the Moscow region: in dark red (red) field Saint George in silver arms (armor, helmet and boots) and azure (blue, blue) cloak, sitting in purple, with a gold fringed saddle on the silver galloping horse, striking goldspear topped with a golden eight-pointed cross, golden winged serpent (dragon on four legs) with green wings.Coat of arms surmounted by the Imperial crown and golden ribbons completed the three Orders of Lenin.- Materials of the portal of the Moscow region ( Government.1. Power (collection).2. The area (collection).3. The territory of Russia: Moscow region (collection).4. The Moscow region: pages of history (collection).5. Emblems - Moscow region.BBK 63.215 (2Ros-4Mos) ya61BBK 67.400.581 (2Ros-4Mos) ya61electronic copy Source: Administration of the Governor of the Moscow Region
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