"... my address: on the Moika, near the Stable Bridge ..."

"... my address: on the Moika, near the Stable Bridge ...": [documentary] / director: T. Dyakonova; author and presenter: G. Sedov; operator: A. Osin; installation: T. Dyakonova, L. Arsenyev. - Electronic data (1 video file: 316.8 MB). - St. Petersburg: All-Russian Museum of Alexander Pushkin: Presidential Library of Boris Yeltsin, 2013. -
Systems. Requirements: 1 GHz or higher; RAM 512 MB or higher; Windows; Windows Media Player; video adapter; sound. card.
The title from the screen.
Duration: 13 min 36 sec.
Multimedia electronic publication.
The film tells about the life of Alexander Pushkin in the house on Moika 12: about the everyday affairs of the poet, about his family, friends, about the relations of Alexander Pushkin with B A. Zhukovsky and about the last days of the poet .
I. Dyakonova, Tatiana Ivanovna. II. Sedova, Galina Mikhailovna (1957-). III. Arsenyeva, Larisa Anatolyevna. IV. Osin, Andrei Alekseevich. V. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). VI. All-Russian Museum of AS Pushkin (St. Petersburg) .1. Pushkin, Alexander Sergeevich (1799 - 1837) - Multimedia publications. 2. Russian language (collection). 3. The people (the collection).
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Publisher Всероссийский музей А. С. Пушкина Президентская библиотека имени Б. Н. Ельцина
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