400th Anniversary of Overcoming the Troubles and Restoring the Russian Statehood

The 400th anniversary of overcoming the Troubles and the restoration of the Russian statehood: 1612-2012: historical calendar: 2012 / Boris N. Yeltsin; scientific editor KN Knyaginin; compiler AD Barkhatov; comments SL Alekseev. - Fine electronic publication. - (St. Petersburg: FGBU "Presidential Library named after BN Yeltsin", [2012]). - 14 files: color. -
The title in the final data: Historical calendar "The 400th anniversary of overcoming the Troubles and the restoration of Russian statehood."
The calendar uses illustrations from the series "Russian History in Paintings" (Moscow: I.D. Sytin, 1900-ies.), From the book Snegirev, IM Antiquities of the Russian state. Branch 1-6 (Moscow: Type: Alexandra Semyon, 1849-1853), etc.
Electronic copy of the original layout.
On the front side of each leaf, reproduction of lithography, accompanying text, calendar for the month.
Issued in the form of a desktop flip-flop calendar "house", sheets with the help of a spring are mounted on a cardboard stand. At 6 two-way. l., the region. Digital printing, paper; 12.5x20 cm .
I. Knyaginin, Konstantin Nikolayevich. II. Barkhatova, Anna Dmitrievna (1971-). III. Alekseev, Stanislav Leonidovich. IV. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg) .1. Calendars of the Presidential Library (collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. "Troubled Time" - Calendars. 4. Russia - History - Reflection - Art - 16 - 17 centuries. - Calendars. 5. Flip calendars.
ББК 63.3 (2) 44-3я25
Source of electronic copy: ПБ
Location of original retention: ПБ
Publisher Тип. Александра Семена
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