Administrative Herald. 1930, No. 3 (March)

Administrative Herald: monthly magazine: the organ of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. - Moscow: "Zagotokhoz" of the militia of the Republic, 1922-1930
1930, No. 3 (March). - Publishing House of the NKVD, 1930. - 63, [1] p. -
Contents: sections: Admorgan and the public, Preparation questions, What are they writing about, Socialist competition, Abroad, For rationalization, On the ground, Chronicle, Bibliography, Reference and Legal Department. Review of legislation, Mailbox. Articles: Why are people's commissars needed / M. Gorev and M. Gerasimov. On the work of administrative agencies in areas of continuous collectivization / Bor. Bankovsky. Admorgan should be strengthened / P. Zagarin. On the issue of the abolition of district administrations / Golant-Borisova. Soviet citizenship / M. Rusakov. On the state and activities of Osobomil on the ground / V. Pomerantsev. What the tourists say about the work of the threat / S.K. How do the guards help the menace? More on the courses of scientific and technical experts / N. Bobrov. In the order of the offer / Gorokhov. On the methods of visual teaching of criminology / Gladysh. Competition in areas of continuous collectivization / Bor. Bankovsky. At the front of socialist competition. About the search of citizens / Luzin. Prevalence of the keys of the fingerprint / Danilevsky. Fingerprinting / A. Vasilkov. Scheduled breeding of dogs in the nurseries of the threaten / Shapovalov. Plans for ESD NKVD / "Uralets". We need to organize our dog nursery / F. Egorov. The patronage in adm. bodies / A. Lebedev. The work of the grassroots administrative bodies requires uniformity / S. K. On the reorganization of the okr.-district administrative apparatus / B. How to merge the registration card file of criminals / S.K. and other materials .
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