Administrative Herald. 1930, No. 8/9 (Aug.-Sept.)

Administrative Herald: monthly magazine: the organ of the People's Commissariat of Internal Affairs. - Moscow: "Zagotokhoz" of the militia of the Republic, 1922-1930
1930, No. 8/9 (Aug.-Sept.). - The NKVD Publishing House, 1930. - 71, [1] p. -
Contents: Sections: Exchange of experience, Preparation questions, Correctional labor, What are they writing to us, On the ground, For streamlining, Bibliography, Reference and legal department, Legislation review, Index of articles in the magazine "Adm. Herald "in January - September 1930. Articles: On the issue of juvenile offenders / A. Shestakov. Material harm caused by crime / V. Khalfin. Summary of the activities of administrative agencies. On the new programs of schools of the NKVD / Y. Slonimsky. Labor processes in places of detention / I. Andreev. On the fight against arson of collective-farm property / Lukish. State of the art of the application of service dogs / Shapovalov. Bodies of inquiry and investigation of Chuvashia (To the 10th anniversary of Chuvashia) / Vasiliev. Regional meeting of the heads of RAO Ivanovo Industrial Region / S. Krylov. The correctness of the state depends on the correct account of the population movement. management / V. Trinshev and other materials .
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