Academic Law Journal. 2007, No. 2 (28)

Academic Law Journal. - Irkutsk: The Law and Democracy Foundation, 2000 -
2007, No. 2 (28). - 2007. - 64 p. -
Content. articles: Law as an object of application of synergetic methods / MG Tirskih. Structure and legal significance of the reasoning part of the decision of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation / AA Petrov. Features of the object of voter bribery as a constitutional and legal tort / M. Shturnev. Issues of legal regulation of the establishment and use of official symbols of municipalities / AE Shturnev. Financial and legal problems of association of subjects of the Russian Federation / Yu. V. Arbatskaya, N. V. Vasilieva. The role of accounting and systematization of regulatory legal acts in ensuring their legal quality / MA Davydova. Issues of Legislative Regulation of Legal Expertise of Draft Normative Legal Acts of Subjects of the Russian Federation / ON Shishparenok and other materials .
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