Academic Law Journal. 2009, No. 4 (38)

Academic Law Journal. - Irkutsk: The Law and Democracy Foundation, 2000 -
2009, No. 4 (38). - 2009. - 68 pp. -
Content. articles:: Functions of legal presumptions / EI Starovoitova. Recognition of elections as invalid as a measure of constitutional and legal coercion / IA Borovikova. Interpretation of constitutions (charters) of the subjects of the Russian Federation as a means of legal support for electoral rights (by the example of the practice of the Statutory Court of St. Petersburg) / E. L. Ivanova. The production of legal expertise of draft laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation as an element of the legislative process of the subjects of the Russian Federation / O. N. Shishparenok. State registration of charters of municipalities: some problems of improving legal regulation / VV Onokhova, EA Shkuropat. Shadow capital and elective power: corruption interrelations / EP Ishchenko and other materials .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Legal Sciences - Periodicals. 4. Legal journals - the Russian Federation.
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