Academic Law Journal. 2010, No. 1 (39)

Academic Law Journal. - Irkutsk: The Law and Democracy Foundation, 2000 -
2010, No. 1 (39). - 2010. - 63, [1] p. -
Content. articles: Custom: the social and legal regulator of social relations / M. G. Tirskikh, L. Yu. Chernyak. Structure of the system of law: understanding, meaning, cuts / DM Azmi. The role of legal norms in the process of determination of personal behavior / KE Ignatenkova, AT Aminev. Problems of the production of legal expertise of draft laws of the subjects of the Russian Federation / ON Shishparenok. Types of decisions of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation adopted in the course of the implementation of constitutional court proceedings: grounds and some classification problems / AA Petrov. The election participants use the advantages of their official (service) position as a constitutional and legal tort / A. Shin. Electoral document as an object of constitutional and legal regulation / LS Getman. Legal quality of charters of municipalities as a scientific category / MA Davydova. To the problem of defining the concept of a consumer credit contract / OA Bakanova. and other materials. - Index of articles and other materials published in the "Academic Law Journal" in 2009: p. 59-60 .
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