Academy of Sciences and Russian Spelling Reform

Budilovich, Anton Semenovich (1846-1908).    
Academy of Sciences and the reform of Russian spelling / А.С. Budilovich. - St. Petersburg: Tipo-lit. V.V. Komarova, 1904. - [43] p. ; 25. -
Ott. from "Russian." for 1904, VII. - Without tit. l. .
I. Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (St. Petersburg) .1. Academy of Sciences (St. Petersburg, city) - History. 2. Russian language (collection). 3. Reform of Russian spelling - Preparation.
ББК 81.411.2-65г
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Location on the original: ГПИБ
Publisher типо-лит. В.В. Комарова
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