Actual problems of criminal justice. Election of a preventive measure by a court

Actual problems of criminal justice. Election of a measure of restraint by a court: a scientific and practical guide for students of higher educational institutions studying in specialty 030501 "Jurisprudence" / [A. V. Agutin and others]; under the editorship of Doctor of Law, Professor NA Kolokolov. - Moscow: UNITY: Law and Law, 2012. - 543 p. ; 21 cm. -
The authors are listed on the 4th p. text.
Bibliography in the footnotes. - ISBN 978-5-238-02218-5 .
I. Agutin, Alexander Vasilyevich. II. Kolokolov, Nikita Alexandrovich (1955 -). 1. Right (collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. Preventive measures - Judicial review - Russian Federation - Practical benefits. 4. Preventive measures in the criminal procedure - Russian Federation - Practical benefits.
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ISBN 978-5-238-02218-5
Publisher ЮНИТИ Закон и право
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