Shevchenkov's Almanac

Shevchenkov almanac / rare: ... MG Krulikovsky (ed., Ed.) And others - Odesa: Vidanna Odeskoi regional fili spinks of the Radian writers in Ukraine, 1940. - 230, [2] p. : portr. -
List of references: p. 221-224 and in the footnotes. - Bibliographic index at the end of the book. - 5000 copies. .
I. Krulikovsky, M.G. Shevchenko, Taras Grigoryevich (1814 - 1861) - Collections. 2. TG Shevchenko (collection). 3. The people (the collection).
BBC 84 (4Ukr) i44
BBK 84 (2Pos = Rus) 1я44
Source of electronic copy: National Historical Library of Ukraine
Location on the ground: National Historical Library of Ukraine
Publisher Видання Одеської областної фiлiї спiлки радянських письменникiв України
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