Analyzes of the minerals of the Altai okrug, produced in the Barnaul Laboratory from 1884 to 1905

  Mamontov, Vladimir Nikolaevich      
Analyzes of minerals of Altai okrug, made in Barnaul laboratory from 1884 to 1905 / [соч.] Mining engineer VN Mamontov. - Barnaul: type lithography of the General Directorate of the Altai District, 1907. - [4], II, IV, 52 p. : tab. ; 26 cm. - (Materials for studying the minerals of Altai). -
Ver. region: Minerals Altaisk. District.
Bibliogr. in a substring. note. .
1. Territory of Russia (collection). 2. Minerals - Deposits - Accommodation - Mountain Altai.
ББК 26.45 (2Рос-4Алт)
Electronic copy source: Altai KUNB
The original storage area: Алтайская КУНБ
Publisher типо-литография Главного управления Алтайского округа
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