A matriculation certificate issued to PA Stolypin by the gymnasium of the city of Orel

A matriculation certificate issued to PA Stolypin by the grammar school of the city of Orel [Document]. - [1881]. - 1 liter. -
With handwritten litters, ink.
"This Petro Stolypin was given an Orthodox religion, from the nobility, born in Dresden on April 2, 1862, trained for seven years: in Vilnius Gymnasium for 5 years, and in Orel - 2 years , and who spent one year in the VIII class, in that ... ". At the end of the text: "The Pedagogical Council decided ... to issue him a certificate that grants all the rights indicated in §§ 129-132 of the statute of the Gymnasium and the Progymnasium, which was approved on July 30, 1871. Eagle, June 3rd day, 1881".
A photocopy from the original TsGIA of St. Petersburg. F. 14, op. 3, d. 22039, l. 2-3f.
The Foundation for Studying the Heritage of PA Stolypin. http://www.stolypin.ru/.
I. Orel male gymnasium. Stolypin, Petr Arkadevich (1862 - 1911) - Education - Documents and materials. 2. Orel male gymnasium - History - Documents and materials. 3. PA Stolypin: to the 150th anniversary of his birth (collection). 4. Russia in the faces (collection). 5. Power (collection). 6. Orel region: pages of history (collection). 7. Territory of Russia: Orel Region (collection).
ББК 63.3 (2) 53-8 Stolypin P.A.
The source of the electronic copy: PA Heritage Research Fund. Stolypin
Location on map of the original: PA Stolypin's Heritage Study Fund
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