Shevtsov, Peter    
Belgians: a tragedy in four acts / Petr Shevtsov. - Petrograd: the edition of PG Keleleev, 1915. - [2], 75 p. -
On the 1st s .: Heroic Belgium and its beautiful King - Knight of Honor Albert First as a tribute to the deepest admiration and admiration, this author devotes his dramatic experience with a feeling of reverence.
On the cover and title page the round stamp: Russian drama, Petrograd, State theaters. "
1. The First World War (collection). 2. The First World War - Fiction - 1914 - 1918. 3. Plays Russian - 19 - beg. 20th centuries.
BBK 84 (2Рос = Рус) 1
ББК 63.3 (2) 534-68
Electronic copy source: PB
Original storage: St. Petersburg. state. Theater. b-ka
Publisher издание П. Г. Келлеева
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