Battle cassette. № 7

Battle cassette. No. 7 [Film: electronic resource]: release of the Committee for Cinematography under the SNK of the USSR / editor of the collection: congrat. dejat. arts Sergei Yutkevich; production studio Soyuzdetfilm. - Electronic data (1 video file). - (, [20--]). -
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Duration: 70 min. 02 sec. Black and white, with sound.
Captions in Russian.
Original resource: Battle cassette. № 7 [Film]: the release of the Committee on Cinematography in the SNK of the USSR / editor of the collection: zasl. dejat. arts Sergei Yutkevich; production studio Soyuzdetfilm. 1941. Ch.-B., sound. From the collection of Gosfilmofond of Russia.
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The seventh cinematograph from a series of combat cinematographs, released during the Great Patriotic War. A total of 13 collections were published. Was filmed at the Moscow film studio "Soyuzdetfilm" in the days of the Nazis on Moscow. The cinematograph was released on December 5, 1941. - The plot: the combat cinematograph consists of six novels ("Exactly at 7", "Elixir of Cheerfulness", "Disaster Catcher", "The Bravest", "True Patriot", "White Crow"), united by an interlude featuring the brave soldier Svejk, caught up in a fascist concentration camp. Novels tell us about the struggle against the fascist invaders. At the end of the interlude, the commandant of the concentration camp orders Svejk to be shot, but bullets made for fascists by Czech patriots do not take a brave soldier. Information about the cassette recorder is installed according to the source: "Battle cassette record number 7": Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. - Director of the interlude: zasl. dejat. Arts Sergei Yutkevich. Intermedia operator: Order Bearer I. Martov. Authors of the interlude: ordenonosets E. Pomeshchikov, N. Rozhkov. Novel authors: M. Volpin, M. Vitukhnovsky, D. Eremin, L. Nikulin, G. Manevich, A. Sazonov, N. Erdman. Novels were shot by the directors: L. Altsev, A. Gendelshtein, K. Mintz, R. Perelstein, A. Rowe, S. Yutkevich .
I. Yutkevich, Sergei Iosifovich (1904-1985). II. Pomeshchikov, Evgeny Mikhailovich (1907-1979). III. Rozhkov, Nikolai Vasilyevich (1906-1998). IV. Volpin, Mikhail Davydovich (1902-1988). V. Vitukhnovsky, Mikhail Semenovich (1903-1976). VI. Eremin, Dmitry Ivanovich (1904-1993). VII. Nikulin, Lev Veniaminovich (1891-1967). VIII. Manevich, Iosif Mikhailovich (1907-1976). IX. Sazonov, Alexey Nikolaevich (1910-). X. Erdman, Nikolai Robertovich (1902-1970). XI. Altsov, Leonid Petrovich (1905-1955). XII. Gendelshtein, Albert Alexandrovich (1906-1981). XIII. Mints, Klimentii Borisovich (1908-1995). XIV. Perelstein, Raphael Yakovlevich (1909-1978). XV. Rowe, Alexander Arturovich (1906-1973). XVI. Martov, Joseph Klimentevich (1900-1972). XVII. THE USSR. Committee for Cinematography. XVIII. "Soyuzdetfilm", studio (Moscow). XIX. Gosfilmofond of Russia. The people (the collection). 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. World War II - Reflection - Cinema - 1939-1945. 4. Feature films - the USSR - 1941-1945.
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The source of the electronic copy: Gosfilmofond of Russia
Location on the original: Gosfilmofond of Russia
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