Valaam word about Valaam monastery


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Pimen (archimandrite).    
The Valaam word about the Valaam monastery: a historical essay / was composed by the Valaam Hieromonk. - St. Petersburg: A. Transhel's Printing House, 1871. - [1], 31 p. ; 26 cm. -
The author is installed according to the edition of 1880
The third edition was published under the title: The word about the Valaam monastery .
1. The Valaam Monastery. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Territory of Russia: Karelia, Republic (collection). 4. Territory (collection).
BBK 86.372.24-647
Electronic copy source: PB
Original location: Len. reg. state. archive in Vyborg
Издательство Типография А. Траншеля
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