Herald of civil law. G. 3, 1915, No. 7

Herald of civil law. - St. Petersburg: MM Vinaver, 1913-1917
G. 3 1915, No. 7. - 1915. - 176 p. -
Contents: Ilya Grigorievich Orshansky / MI Kulisher. Concession agreements of city public administrations / L.S. Tal. Challenging acts committed to the detriment of creditors / D. D. Grimm. Legal position of the pledgee on the overdue mortgage / N. Tovstoles. Civil Chronicle / MM Vinaver. Regular questions in the literature of civil law. Life insurance and insurance lenders / AGGoykhbarg. Notes: 1) The last lines / VL Isachenko. 2) The practice of the civil cassation department of the Senate on the law of the sea over the past ten years / ZI Avierino .
1. Power (collection). 2. Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection). 3. Civil law - Periodicals. 4. Legal journals - Russia - early. 20 in ..
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