Herald of Europe. G. 29 1894, vol. 3, [kn. 5/6, May / June]

Herald of Europe - Г 1 1866 (March 9) - Г 53 1918 - St. Petersburg, 1866-1918 -
In the subtitle: 1866-1867 - Journal of Historical and Political Sciences; 1868-1909 - Journal of History, Politics, Literature; 1910-1917 - Journal of Science, Politics, and Literature, founded by M. M. Stasyulevich in 1866
Place of publication: 1866-1914 St. Petersburg; 1914-1918 Petrograd
Editor-publisher (until 1908) M M Stasyulevich, from 1909 to 1916 - Professor MM Kovalevsky; In 1914, the journal was led by three co-editors - KK Arseniev, Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky and scientist-economist AS Sosnikov, from 1916 to 1918 - DG Grimm and DN Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky, with the participation of KK Arsenyev and AS Sosnikov
From 1866 to 1868 there were 4 volumes per year, from 1869 - monthly
Until 1909, the signature of the publication also indicated serial numbers, years and volumes, continuing the years and volumes of the previous journal published by NM Karamzin in 1802 -1830 years
Published March 9, 1866
"The Messenger of Europe" - the domestic literary and political and historical journal Al, continued the tradition of the magazine of the same name, founded in 1802 by NM Karamzin. The magazine paid particular attention to history and politics. Prominent scientists and publicists were printed: KA Timiryazev, IM Sechenov, V Yu Skalon, II Mechnikov, SM Soloviev, KD Kavelin, AF Kony, EK Rapp, AN Veselovsky, AN Pypin, DN N Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky, F Zelinsky, FF Martens, KK Arseniev, AS Khakhanov and others In the literary department - And Turgenev, And A Goncharov, AN Ostrovsky, PD Boborykin, VS Soloviev, ME Saltykov-Shchedrin, as well as articles on financial and economic issues To other questions and journalism G B Iollosa, AF Zhokhov, AV Zhirkevich, P X Shvanebakha
I Stasyulevich, Mikhail Matveyevich (1826-1911) II Kovalevsky, Maxim Maksimovich (1851-1916) III Arseniev, Konstantin Konstantinovich (1837-1919) IV Ovsyaniko-Kulikovsky, Dmitry Nikolayevich (1853-1920) 1 Domestic serials and continuing editions (collection ) 2 Russian language (collection) 3 Universal history - Periodicals 4 Russia - History - until 1917 - Periodicals 5 Historical journals - Russia - 19-20 centuries
ББК 633 (2) я52
ББК 633 (0) я52
Г 29 1894, т 3, [кн 5/6, май / июнь] - 1894 - 892 с -
On the advancer's gross numbering: Year 58 - Volume 341 - 1/13 May 1894
On the front page also: one hundred and sixty-seventh volume
Contents: Count Speransky and the University charter of 1835: III-IV: ending / Kochubinsky Ancient story: II A number of new borrowings / AN Pypin Chronicles The Settlers in 1893 / DM GolovachevInternal review Engagement of the Heir of the Crown Prince of the Cesarevich Ministry of Agriculture and State Property Protests of the governors on the decisions of the zemstvo meetings, [and others] On the execution of the state list for 1893 / O Foreign review Reasons for aimless weapons Duality in international politics Struggle for military expenditures in different countries, [and others] From the public chronicle "The class of journalists" as an object of modern projections Is it possible and desirable to organize it? Report of the Society for the Assistance to Students of the St. Petersburg University, [and others] The Ural turn The Journey to the Voguls: from the Diary of a Tourist / P Infantiev The Hitler Market and Its Inhabitants / A Petrovsky Questions of Old Russian Writing I / Joseph Volotsky and Neil Sovsky / AN Pypin Economic misunderstandings: I / LZ Slonimsky Chronicles Hopes and doubts: about the establishment of the Ministry of Agriculture / Vl Biryukovich Internal Review Death EI V Velodnaya Knyagini Ekaterina Mikhailovna Administrative and punitive power Zemsky nach alnik, in connection with the legality of their demands and orders Does the zemstvo authorities have the right to issue "local decrees" ?, [and others]. Foreign Policy Domestic Politics in France. Casimir Perier, his progenitors and likely successors. Causes of the fragility of ministries, [and others] - Bibliography in the notes of individual articles - MOGNB copy without cover
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