Questions of colonization. № 5

Questions of colonization: a periodic collection. - No. 1 (1907) - No. 20 (1917). - St. Petersburg, 1907-1917. -
Subzag: No. 1 (1907) Collection of articles; No. 2 (1907) - No. 20 (1917) Periodic collection.
Ed .: No. 1 - OA Shkapsky, No. 2-3 - GF Chirkin and AV Uspenskiy, No. 6-19 - GF Chirkin and NA Gavrilov, No. 20 - GF Chirkin.
The place of the ed. No. 16-20 Petrograd.
Publishing House: No. 1 edition of A. Uspensky, No. 2-13 printing house F. Weissberg and P. Gershunin, No. 15-17 Ekaterininskaya Printing House, No. 20 Printing House M.P. Frolova (owned by AE Collins).
Founded in 1907 .
1. Russia - Colonial policy - 19 - 20 centuries. - Periodicals.
ББК 63.3 (2) 53-27я5
№ 5 / ed. G. F. Chirkin and N. A. Gavrilov. - 1909. - [2], 430, [6] p. : tab. -
Contents: Resettlement and the agrarian question / Vvedensky. Social structure of the Kyrgyz people in the past and the present / Rumyantsev. Land management of Kyrgyz Buryats in connection with the colonization of Irkutsk province / Sokolov. Land management of foreigners in the Altai Mountains and use of a free fund for colonization / Shkunov. Amur region in the colonization relation / Tatishchev. Peasant and Cossack colonization of the Ussuri region / Far East. Colonization and railways / Steppe. The importance of the issue of Kyrgyz wintering in the formation of resettlement sites in Lepsinsky district of the Semirechenskaya region / Andrievsky. Dependence between vegetation, soils and the possibility of rainfed crops in the Turkestan region / Yuferov. The agricultural conditions of the Turgai-Ural migratory region and the desirable setting of agronomic assistance to the migrants. Forest Warehouses of the Migration Administration / Truveler. The lower course of the Amur in the colonization relation / Grigoriev. Letter to the editor / Savinsky. The estimate of the Resettlement Department for 1909 in the State Duma. Overview of the resettlement movement in 1908. View of local ranks of the resettlement organization of the Akmola region on group progress. Public education in the Turgai resettlement area. On the farm cuts in the Turgai-Urals resettlement area. Soil-botanical expeditions, organized by the Resettlement Department during the summer of 1909. The Temir Experimental Field in 1908, etc. - Bibliogr. in the end of the book. .
I. Chirkin, G. F. .. II. Gavrilov, N.A .. 1. The people (the collection). 2. Territory of Russia (collection). 3. Russia - Colonial policy - 19 - 20 centuries. - Collections.
ББК 63.3 (2) 53-27я5
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