Law issues. [G. 2] 1911, Book. 8 (4)


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Law: Journal of Scientific Jurisprudence. - Moscow: GS Feldstein, 1910-1912
[G. 2] 1911, Book. 8 (4). - 1911. - 251, [1] p. -
Contents: V. 0. Klyuchevsky as a historian of institutions / S. A. Kotlyarevsky. V. 0. Kluchevsky and Russian Historical Science / B. I. Syromyatnikov. Georg Jellinek and his scientific heritage / AS Alekseev. Law as a social phenomenon / BA Kistyakovskiy. Family property among the peasants / VN Shreter. On the issue of the trial of officials / VA Zhdamirov. On the study of the criminal in the science of criminal law / S. V. Poznyšev. The protocol of the annual general meeting of the Moscow Juridical Society on March 20, 1911. Minutes of the meeting of the Audit Commission of the Moscow Juridical Society on March 6, 1911. V.V. Ivanovsky. Textbook of Administrative Law (Police Law, Internal Control Law). Fourth ed., Revised and enlarged. Kazan, 1911 / rec. N. N. Golubev. A. N. Filippov. Journals of the Governing Senate for 1737. Parts 1 and 2. Moscow. 1911 / rec. G. G. Talberg. M. Bogoslovsky. Zemsky petitions in Ancient Russia: from the history of zemstvo self-government (Bogoslovskii vestnik, 1911, no. 1-4) / rec. G. G. Telberg. N. A. Vigdorchik. Social insurance. A systematic exposition of the history, organization and practice of all forms of social insurance. St. Petersburg., 1912 / rec. N. N. Golubev. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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