Law issues. G. 1 1910, Book. 4


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Law: Journal of Scientific Jurisprudence. - Moscow: GS Feldstein, 1910-1912
G. 1 1910, Book. 4. - 1910. - 178 p. -
Contents: VI Sergeevich / BI Syromyatnikov. Irresponsibility of deputies on Russian law (experience of interpretation of articles 14 and 22 of the Duma of the Duma) / LA Shalland. Institute of Personal Recruitment in Law and Life / PI Astrov. On the issue of juvenile offenders / S. V. Poznyšev. On the offset of obligations / NG Vavin. Special courts for teenagers / VN Shiryaev. Protocol of the Extraordinary General Meeting of the Moscow Juridical Society on September 28, 1910 SA Zhigarev. Russia among European nations. St. Petersburg, 1910 / rec. LA A.Kamarovsky. AI Elistratov. Textbook of Russian administrative law. Issue. 1. Moscow, 1910 / rec. A. V. Gorbunov. S. V. Poznyšev. Hungarian transitional prisons. Moscow, 1910 / rec. S. A. Shumakov. S. V. Poznyšev. Child crime and measures to combat it. Moscow, 1911 / rec. S. A. Shumakov. LA A.Shalland. Irresponsibility and inviolability of deputies in France. Historical development and modern rationale of immunity. Yuryev, 1910 / rec. A. S. Tager. - Bibliograf. in a substring. note. .
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