Educational reading, as a basis for teaching Russian in the family and at school

Baltalon, Caesar Pavlovich (1855-1913).    
Educational reading, as the basis for teaching the Russian language in the family and school: [Ref., Cheat. in the meeting Ped. Islands, states. under the Imp. Moscow. un-te, 4 Nov. 1900, Val. add.] / C. Baltalon. - Moscow: Tipo-lit. t-va I.N. Kusneryrev and Co., 1901. - 56 p. ; 22 .
1. Russian language (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Russian language - Teaching - Secondary school - Russia - Methodical aids. 4. Family reading. 5. Children - Education of the culture of reading - Methodical aids.
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Publisher Типо-лит. Т-ва И.Н. Кушнерев и К°
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