State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad

Gulyakin, Valery Nikolayevich (photographer, 1959-).    
State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad [Izomaterial: electronic resource]: [album of photographs] / photo VN Gulyakina. - Electronic graphic data (12 files: 107.4 MB). - St. Petersburg, 2013. -
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The album includes 12 photos of the facade of the museum and museum exhibits: 1 -2. View of the entrance to the museum; 3. The exhibition hall of the museum; 4-12. Exhibits of the museum: 4-5. Sculpture "The Blockade Madonna"; 6. Sculpture "Blockade"; 7. Figurine "125 blockade grammes"; 8. Exhibit of the Museum "Blockade bread"; 9-10. Composition "Blockade schools"; 11. Exhibit of the museum "Toys of Leningrad children"; 12. Sculptural composition "In the blockade."
The history of the museum begins with the opening of the exhibition "Heroic Defense of Leningrad" in December 1943. As a museum of the defense of Leningrad, the institution exists from the day of the second anniversary of the lifting of the blockade - January 27, 1946. In the process of the "Leningrad case" in 1953, the museum closes and again becomes accessible to visitors in 1989. The museum displays about 20,000 items of storage, including samples of weapons and household items, agitation posters, documents, maps, newspapers of the war period, paintings and sculptures of the battle participants. The album presents photographs of sculptures and compositions dedicated to the blockade of Leningrad, such authors as Leonid Mogilevsky ("In the Blockade"), Mikhail Zvyagin ("The Blockade Madonna") and others. Also in the album there are photos of toys of children from the sunken vehicle that transported evacuated residents through Lake Ladoga in the spring of 1942. Address: Solyanoy per., 9. - The material of the site is used: "The State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad" (URL: .
1. The State Memorial Museum of Defense and the Siege of Leningrad (St. Petersburg, city) - Photographs. 2. The people (the collection). 3. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 4. St. Petersburg: pages of history (collection). 5. Territory of Russia: St. Petersburg, city (collection). 6. The blockade of Leningrad - 1941 - 1944 - Photographs. 7. Documentary photographs.
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