Grammar of the ancient Church Slavic language, comparatively with the Russian

  Karsky, Evfimiy Fedorovich  (1860-1931).    
Grammar of the ancient Church Slavonic language, comparatively with the Russian: a textbook on the Russian language for grade IV secondary schools / comp. EF Karsky, b. ordine. professor of the Imperial Varsh. university. - 18 th ed. - Warsaw: printing house of the Warsaw Academic District, 1916. - [4], 96 p., 1 p. kart. : Fax. ; 23 centimeters .
1. Russian language (collection). 2. Church Slavonic - Grammar. 3. Russian language - Comparative grammar.
ББК 81.416.1-2
ББК 81.411.2-2
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Location on the original: MOGNB
Publisher типография Варшавского учебного округа
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