The case of collecting oxen for the army and cows of the vines

    Russia. Department of Police Executive.
The case of collecting oxen for the army and foraging cows [Case]: June 11, 1812 - 1812. - 83 liters. ; 36.5x26 cm - (Fund Department of Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inventory No. 2, 1811-1820). -
The text is handwritten.
Orig. Title: On the collection of oxen for the army and forage cows.
The case contains documents related to the mobilization of livestock for the needs of the army in preparation for the Patriotic War of 1812 and the commenced hostilities: a copy of the Highest Rescript, numerous prescriptions of various departments to the field, specifying the order of execution of this rescript, reports and reports of civilian governors on the progress of the execution of orders. .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. The Patriotic War - Rear (military) - 1812 - Documents and materials.
BBC 63.3 (2) 521.1-686y11
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Source of electronic copy: РГИА
Location on the secret of the original: РГИА. F. 1286. Op. 2. G. 1812. D. 182.
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