The case of the formation of the Russian-German legion

    Russia. Department of Police Executive.
The case of the formation of the Russian-German legion [Case]: September 4, 1812 - 1812. - 31 y. ; 36.5x26 cm - (Fund Department of Police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Inventory No. 2, 1811-1820). -
The text is handwritten.
The case contains documents related to the formation of the Russian-German legion from captives and deserters who expressed a voluntary desire in the conditions of the Patriotic War of 1812: copies of the Supreme Rescript and the orders of the Committee of Ministers, documentation regulating and explaining the order of the Germans joining the service, as well as related to the training, logistics and weapons supply of these formations, reports and reports of local authorities on the implementation of orders and reports areas .
1. Patriotic War of 1812 (collection). 2. The Patriotic War - Prisoners of War in Russia - 1812 - Documents and materials.
ББК 63.3 (2) 521.1-686ю11
Source of electronic copy: РГИА
Location on the secret of the original: РГИА. F. 1286. Op. 2. G. 1812. D. 186.
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