Despatch of Minister of Foreign Affairs N. P. Rumyantsev to Russian Ambassador to Vienna G. O. Stackelberg

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The despatch of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, N. P. Rumyantsev, to the Russian envoy to Vienna, G. O. Stackelberg [The Case]: September 27 / October 9, 1812 - 1812. - L. 138-1148. - (Fund of the Chancellery of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Inventory No. 468). -
Written by hand, ink.
Text on the fr. .
Without a reg. and tit.
Informs of M. Kutuzov's decision not to defend Moscow, "so as not to put the army at risk of battling at an unprofitable position, which after the victorious repulsing of enemy troops by Borodino should ultimately achieve the greatest success." Emphasizes Russia's intention "to overcome all the vicissitudes of the war and to finish it only with honor for itself and its allies." On the document of the litter of Alexander I: "Be by this" .
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ББК 63.3 (2) 521.1-686ю14
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Original location: WUA RI F. Office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Op. 468. D. 11622.
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