The leaders of the revolutionary movement in Russia. T. 5. The Social Democrats. 1880-1904


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The leaders of the revolutionary movement in Russia: a biobibliographical dictionary: from the predecessors of the Decembrists to the fall of tsarism: [in 5 vol.] / All-Union Society of Political Captains and Exiles; under the general editorship of V. Vilensky-Sibiryakov and others - Moscow: the publishing house of the All-Union Society of Political Prisoners and Exiles, 1927-1934. - 5 tons. .
I. Vilensky-Sibiryakov, Vladimir Dmitrievich (1888-1943). II. Kon, Felix Yakovlevich (1864-1941). III. Nevsky, Vladimir Ivanovich (1876-1937). IV. Kozmin, Boris Pavlovich (Doctor of History, 1888-1958). V. Shilov, Alexey Alekseevich (historian, archaeographer, 1881-1942). VI. All-Union society of political convicts and exile settlers. The people (the collection). 2. Power (collection). 3. Revolutionary movement - Russia - 19 - 20 centuries. - Biobibliography.
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T. 5: Social Democrats. 1880-1904: Issue 1: A - B / compiled by EA Korolchuk and Sh. M. Levin; under the editorship [and with the preface] of VI Nevsky. - 1931. - XXVI p., 582 stb., [1] p. : Photos. .
I. Korolchuk, Esther Abramovna. II. Levin, Schneier Mendelevich (1897-1969). III. Nevsky, Vladimir Ivanovich (1876-1937) .1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Social Democracy - History - Russia - Bibliography.
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Издательство Издательство Всесоюзного общества политических каторжан и ссыльно-поселенцев
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