Weekly of Soviet Justice. 1922, No. 43 (25 Nov.)

Weekly of Soviet Justice. - Moscow: The Legal Publishing House of the NKJ of the RSFSR, 1922-1929. -
The main editors of the "Weekly of Soviet Justice" were N. Cherlyunchakevich (1922), A. Lisitsin (1922-1923), N. Krylenko (1923-1925), D. Kursky (1926-1928 biennium ), J. Brandenburg (1928-1929), P. Stuchka (1929).
Since 1928 the "Weekly of Soviet Justice" is published three times a month with the annex "Judicial practice of the RSFSR" edited by the Chairman of the Supreme Court RSFSR P. Stuchki.
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1922, No. 43 (November 25). - 1922. - 24, [VIII] p. -
Content: It is necessary to simplify the proceedings / Lisitsyn. The peasant's yard. Rural inhabitant. Pictures from life / Ryndziunsky. Purchase and sale of buildings by peasants in rural areas / Erypalov. Work of the judge-communist / Garanov. The need for unity in the conduct of penitentiary activities, as a guarantee of the success of the punitive system / N. P. From forensic medicine / Dr. Saveliev. Review of Soviet legislation for the period from November 16 to 22, 1922 / Braginsky. It is necessary to keep clarity in the law on the right of the court to find the truth / Vorozheykin. Elimination of people's judges and assessors / Zamuhovsky. Saratov Sovnarsud. The Irish Constitution. Official annex: Decrees of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars. Circulations of People's Commissariat. Circulations of Verkhtriba and others. .
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