Weekly of Soviet Justice. 1922, No. 46/47 (Dec 30)

Weekly of Soviet Justice. - Moscow: The Legal Publishing House of the NKJ of the RSFSR, 1922-1929. -
The main editors of the "Weekly of Soviet Justice" were N. Cherlyunchakevich (1922), A. Lisitsin (1922-1923), N. Krylenko (1923-1925), D. Kursky (1926-1928 biennium ), J. Brandenburg (1928-1929), P. Stuchka (1929).
Since 1928 the "Weekly of Soviet Justice" is published three times a month with the annex "Judicial practice of the RSFSR" edited by the Chairman of the Supreme Court RSFSR P. Stuchki.
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1922, No. 46/47 (Dec. 30). - 1922. - 42, [X], [VIII] p. -
Contents: To the organization of provincial courts / Brandenburg. Letter to the editor of the "Weekly" about different differences / Andres. Essays on the first days of Soviet justice / Observer. Early release in the RSFSR in 1921 / Yakubson. On coercive treatment / Segalov. On contractual relations between the state and private persons / Gavze. On measures to combat alcoholism / Rostov. About transfers / Gorky. The answer to Pavlovsky's article "Account card and horse stealing". Review of Soviet legislation during the period from November 23 to December 10, 1922 / Braginsky. How should the legal society / IR Petrozavodsk work on the institute of six assessors. On the issue of eviction. The results of the shock campaign against bribery. On the representation of the parties at the trial. Draft Civil Procedure Code. Official annex: Decrees of the All-Russian Central Executive Committee and the Council of People's Commissars. Circulations of People's Commissariat. Circulations of Verkhtriba and others. .
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ББК 67.3 (2) 6я52
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